Line-X Products

We work with several different products that can be sprayed, poured or rolled onto almost any surface. They're rated for medium duty to heavy duty use as well as blast resistant, water and mold resistant and chemical resistant. All of these products will enhance the look of whatever we are coating, but more importantly they will protect your investment for years to come.

Line-X Spray-On

Line-X Spray-On

There are many different versions of our sprayable products to fit an extraordinary number of applications.
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Line-X Pourable

Our pourable product also has a great number of uses. It is self-leveling to help even out imperfections in new or existing flooring in a home or business. It can be used in high impact areas such as dump truck floors to protect it from chipping, wearing and rusting.


Aspart-X was originally developed as a floor coating for concrete and wood, but we have found that it has almost as many uses as Line-X! As a floor coating it is extremely durable. It can withstand a hot car tire without leaving a mark, unlike a store bought epoxy. It also comes in many colors and finish options. The possibilities are almost limitless.

Undercoating by Valugard

Need protection for those nasty winters? Need to clean up the under side of your vehicle? Our wax-based undercoating is the solution for you! It also contains a rust inhibitor to encapsulate light rust on your frame or underbody to keep it from spreading. Need extra protection? Ask about our rust inhibitor for inside your vehicle's panels.